My second post

I’m at school right now. Learning how to make Flash movies. It’s an easy A. I’m really sore and very tired from working out yesterday, but that’s how it goes when you play football, you’re tired and sore. Oh, well. It’s raining today in LA so I hope it’ll stop soon so I don’t have to drive up to Camp San Luis Obispo in the friggin’ rain. WHile I’m on that topic, I’m going up to Camp San Luis Obispo this weekend for Cadet Programs Conference, I’ll see if I can post while I’m up there, if not, there’ll be plenty of posting goodness when I return on Monday. That’s about it for now. Get Crunk!

My First Post

Welcome to my new blog. This is a place where I can post my thoughts and opinions free for the world to view. I do not intend to offend anyone, but if I do, you always have the freedom to leave.