Thoughts On Service

When I first got on the internet tonight, and did my usual blog reading and email checking, I had nothing to write about. If you can believe that. I know, I know, as a blogger I should always have something to write about, well, today, me not so much. Anyway, I came up with a couple of comments here and there. I think my best was probably over at SMASH’s on his article about the USS Iowa. It’s a shame to see a good memorial to the servicemen who made the ultimate sacrifice, turned into a partisan agenda-advancing debacle. But then, the liberals in San Francisco never were much to value military service. It’s almost as bad as the whole WTC Memorial Plans. But I digress(been doing that a lot lately). It all put me in a very contemplative mood. And when I read THIS and THIS, which got me thinking and gave me something to blog about. Go figure. Oh, and don’t forget to drop by The Jump Blog and take a listen to Goldfalcon’s song, My Pretty Ones and the rest of his musical works”.

I got to thinking about why I want to serve. Truly, deep down, why I want to risk my life, for little pay, and, it seems sometimes, for little recognition. It’s in my blood, I guess. I have had a relative in just about every single American war since the Revolution. I am a son of the American Revolution, son of the Confederacy, and native-born American. Service calls out to me. For me, the uniform is a part of me. I want to protect freedom and liberty and the rights that I so wholeheartedly believe in. But I know that when I do actually see action, these things will not motivate me. What will, is the thoughts of my friends and family back home. The men and women who stand beside me in the fight for freedom. That is what will keep me going, during tough times and when fear grips me.

If I cannot become a pilot, I will become a SEAL, I have pondered this over and over and it is the only thing that would satisfy my adrenalin addiction. My way of thinking is, if I can’t fly the planes, then I’m gonna jump out of them. I want to stand against the enemy side by side with rough men, who I can trust with my life. And if I can’t go to college and become an officer, then I am going to enlist into the Army of Marines, and go straight into the fray. I’ll try to be Special Forces or Force Recon if I can, but the key thing is to serve.

I want to be tested. I want to join the ranks of fellow patriots who have fought for what they believe in. I want to be the next generation to follow the family tradition. I want to join those overseas and fight the enemy of country and to take the battle to him and show him the extent of the United States’ resolve. I want to fight for my beliefs. I don’t want to be remembered for be a sissy who couldn’t stand up for his convictions. Sometimes a man has to what a man has to do. I want to live life and leave my mark upon the world. I don’t want to be confined to a life of regret for paths never taken and area never explored. I want to be talked about as a patriot and a real man.

And if I should die while serving my country, I want no one to weep for me, for I died doing what I loved. I died among men and women of honor who did everything they could. I died nobly on the battlefield, proving myself. I don’t want anyone to blame the president, the DOD, or any of my higher-ups for my death. If you must blame someone, blame the enemy. There are no fingers to be pointed, I chose this lifestyle. I chose to serve my country, and place my life on the line so that others could sleep peacefully in their beds at night. So that mothers could tell their children that ask them about terror, that everything is going to be alright, because there are men and women like me out in the front lines serving and making the ultimate sacrifice. There are those ready to do violence on their behalf so that apple pie, baseball, football, NASCAR, freedom, democracy, and the American Dream could flourish on our shores. And when I die, bury me in Mount Pleasant, North Carolina, in St. John’s cemetery. Bury me with my kin, with fellow soldiers and airmen and marines and sailors, who came before me. Tell my story for all to hear. Tell them I died for them, so that they could be free. Have no bitterness in your heart, no anger in your soul, plot no revenge. And when my time comes, raise the flag high, for all to see, and say a silent prayer for those fighting and dying in foreign lands for your safety.

Just some thoughts from a seventeen year old who wants to serve his country.

A Short Rant

Sorry, everyone, no more Season tonight. I have some stuff to get off my chest first. Also, I promoted to Cadet Chief Master Sergeant tonight, finally. So now everyone has to call me Chief. And after seeing a whole bunch of Army recruiting commercials and in the past sitting through a few recruiting lectures, I have to say, the Army needs to make some changes. I am currently drafting up what I think could save the U.S. Army a lot of trouble in the recruiting battle. And I’ve got to tell ya, it has nothing to do with clueless mothers begging that their child not serve. (HAT TIP:Jack Army) It’s probably gonna take a massive overhaul of the entire battle plan. But anyway, I digress.

I think I have finally figured out why the Europeans are so damn angry at us Americans. They’re jealous. At least, that’s the only way I can figure it. For more than a few centuries, they were on top of the world. They had empires stretching the globe and were major cultural centers. And when those empires started to crumble, and when those cultural centers began to shift to other countries, the Europeans were kicked out of the spotlight and replaced by newer countries, like the United States.

Ohh! And has anyone tried the new Coke Zero? I have and I gotta tell you, it’s an improvement on the original. 0 calories, 0 fat, 0 carbs, and 0 complaints from Coach Croson for me drinking it. Woohoo! I find that it’s more refreshing than normal Coke and I like the taste. Good stuff, in fact, you might want to go buy yourself a pack and stock your fridge. I know that’s what I’m doing.

A Quick Blogwatch

Hey everyone. I’m gonna bring you all a quick blogwatch for now and then later tonight I’m going to post more of the season, so don’t worry. I sent in my Academy application in yesterday, so wish me luck. Now it’s time to get to the blog watch.

It’s got a lot to do with the reaction to the London attacks yesterday, so don’t get bored, I promise it’s going to be great. First up is Neptunus Lex with an interesting look into what these terrorists want. All I can say is that it isn’t good. Goldfalcon has his response to the attacks. And then Uncle Jimbo weighs in with his two cents about the rest of Europe. He also advocates profiling those YAMMs, which is the only way to prevent these attacks. He also explains who we’re fighting for those who need some clarification. Apparently the script for the new James Bond Movie has been leaked.

I think the only way we’re ever going to stop terrorism is to wipe it’s causes and proponents off the face of the earth. Osama needs to go, the extremists in Iran need to go, Zarqawi needs to go, and those preaching hatred and all things un-Muslim and wrapping it in Islamic ideas needs to go. The only way I can see this happening is if we get rid of the notion that war is fair and gentle that has creeped into our collective mindset. War is not civilized, never has been, never will be. It is savage and barbaric and violent. That is why we trust and train professionals to do it for us. It’s time to remove the kid gloves and Geneva convention because our enemy isn’t abiding by these policies. They MURDER innocent women and children for Heaven’s sake! What’s civilized about that? It’s time to hit these bastards where they eat, sleep, and live. We need to take the fight to them. We need to blow up their training facilities in the dark of night. We need to put a .50 caliber bullet through their leaders’ heads in a crowded market place. We need to blow up their homes. We need to kidnap their friends and associates and hold them for ransom and then kill them. We need to scare them, and if we use some of their tactics against them, they will be scared. Better yet, if we can pull it off without them knowing who it was, they will become paranoid and through the right psychological warfare tactics and the spread of disinformation they might even start to fight amongst eachother and rip themselves apart. If all else fails, we can always turn the Middle East and all terrorist-harboring nations into glass-floored, self-lighting parking lots.

A Season In Review

This is a piece I wrote a couple of months ago about the 2004 BHS football season. I wanted to do it because I needed to put the season down on paper, for my own reflection and for posterity. I didn’t want to focus on the individual players because I felt it would cheapen our overall effort, so I focused more on how the team progressed as the season rolled along. I am really pleased with what I came away with. So enjoy this story.

Continue reading “A Season In Review”

My Heart Goes Out Across The Pond. . .

These terror attacks have angered me enough to blog. I just gotta say, terrorists and Osama, if you’re reading this, then one welcome to my site and get the hell off and two, y’all F***ED UP BIG TIME on this one. If you thought that the Brits were going to roll over, oooooh boy howdy were you mistaken. Never underestimate the resolve of the British! They put up one helluva fight during our War for Independence and if the Nazis and Hitler couldn’t take them down, you stupid terrorists aren’t going to do it either. Expect to get a couple smart bombs delivered via first-class mail, or maybe a knock on your door by the friendly neighborhood SAS. Blackfive has some commentary. SMASH has some TOO. So, word to your moms, we’re coming to drop bombs. God Save The Queen! Hoist the Union Jack! And Send Tony A Thank You!

(CUE MUSIC) Terrorists, Terrorists, Whatcha Gonna Do? Whatcha Gonna Do When We Come For You?(COOL GUITAR SOLO)(END MUSIC)

A Small Update In A New Direction

Howdy y’all! Well, it’s summer and I have summer school(started today) and I’m actually not that angry about it. I only have one class from 0800 to 1000 and there are a lot of my friends in the class, so it shouldn’t be too bad. Also, I have more time to blog now, so expect more to come. But there’s a catch, there’s always a catch. I am running thin on political and military commentary, you may have noticed, since my blog has turned into a sess pool of ranting and personal updates. Maybe you didn’t. Or, maybe you just didn’t care ’cause you like me so much.

Anyway, I’ve decided to start showcasing some of my writing for your reading pleasure, and I’d like to know what others think of my writing pieces. I’ll try to put up part of one tommorrow, so don’t be surprised if I only have one post on the page soon. Also, is anyone else scared of the “Church” of Scientology. Some more info can be found HERE. These nutjobs make me want to go out and arm myself to teeth. They scare me. If only I wasn’t prevented from owning a gun by the darn Muckadoos in California didn’t prevent me from owning one. Oh, well. More good stuff to come, so stay tuned.


Happy July 4th!

I'm Proud To Be An American

God Bless The USA

If tomorrow all the things were gone I’d worked for all my life,
And I had to start again with just my children and my wife.
I’d thank my lucky stars to be living here today,
‘Cause the flag still stands for freedom and they can’t take that away.

And I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free.
And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.
And I’d gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today.
‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land God bless the U.S.A.

From the lakes of Minnesota, to the hills of Tennessee,
across the plains of Texas, from sea to shining sea,

From Detroit down to Houston and New York to LA,
Well, there’s pride in every American heart,
and it’s time to stand and say:

I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free.
And I won’t forget the men who died, who gave that right to me.
And I’d gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today.
‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land God bless the U.S.A.

Happy July 4th! Today is Independence Day, which celebrates the signing of one of the most pivotal documents in World History, the Declaration Of Independence. On this day in 1776, men from 13 colonies of the British Empire banded together and stood up against the oppression of the English monarch. They pledged their lives to a cause greater than themselves, they risked everything in order to form a country based upon ideals of freedom and democracy. Ideals that still ring true today. They began the birth of a nation, calling men from all walks of life to come fight for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. God bless these men who we call our founding fathers. And in honor of their sacrifices I give you this mini-biography courtesy of my Grandma and Grandpa.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence?

Five signers were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured before they died.

Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned. Two lost their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army; another had two sons captured. Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary War.

They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. What kind of men were they?

Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists. Eleven were merchants, nine were farmers and large plantation

owners; men of means, well educated. But they signed the Declaration of Independence knowing full

well that the penalty would be death if they were captured.

Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw his ships swept from the seas by the British Navy. He sold his home and properties to pay his debts, and died in rags.

Thomas McKeam was so hounded by the British that he was forced to move his family almost onstantly. He served in the Congress without pay, and his family was kept in poverty was his reward.

Vandals or soldiers looted the properties of Dillery, Hall, Clymer, Walton, Gwinnett, Heyward, Ruttledge, and Middleton.

At the battle of Yorktown, Thomas Nelson Jr, noted that the British General Cornwallis had taken over the Nelson home for his headquarters. He quietly urged General George Washington to open fire. The home was destroyed, and Nelson died bankrupt.

Francis Lewis had his home and properties destroyed. The enemy jailed his wife, and she died within a few weeks.

John Hart was driven from his wife’s bedside as she was dying. Their 13 children fled for their lives. His fields and his gristmill were laid to waste. For more than a year he lived in forests and caves, returning home to find his wife dead and his children vanished. A few weeks later he died from exhaustion and a broken heart. Norris and Livingston suffered similar fates.

Such were the stories and sacrifices of the American Revolution.

These were not wild-eyed, rabble-rousing ruffians. They were soft-spoken men of means and education. They had security, but they valued liberty more. Standing tall, straight, and unwavering, they pledged: “For the support of this declaration, with firm reliance on the protection of the divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other, our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.” They gave you and me a free and independent America.

The history books never told you a lot about what happened in the Revolutionary War. We didn’t fight just the British. We were British subjects at that time and we fought our own governmentl Some of us take these liberties so much for granted, but we shouldn’t. So, take a few minutes while enjoying your 4th of July holiday and silently thank these patriots. It’s not much to ask for the price they paid.



Pics From Camp

Hey-hey! I decided that it would be cool to showcase some pictures from Occidental Football Camp. Unfortunately. . . actually, fortunately I didn’t catch any of the antiquing, egg-throwing, boxing, furniture breaking, or general mayhem on film, but I did manage to get a couple photos of me playing football. I wish I had remembered to bring a camera though, because there was plenty of stuff I wish I could have gotten on film. Like the massive amounts of food that I ate at the cafeteria. The food was awesome. I also wanted to get some pics of my friends and teamates. Plus, the rooms were pretty nice. But I at least have a couple stories, which is worth something, right? Y’all got my back, I know. Nothing but nice things to say. Anyway, before I embarrass myself further, let’s move on to the pics.

Part Of Our D-Line

Here is part of our second string D-Line. You can see me at Tackle. I’m the second guy on the line with the gloves on.

Doing Some Running

Here you can see me and J.J. , our left tackle, running to block the defenders. Those guys were big. #38, the guy running the ball is Rene, our star free safety.


A good picture of our Offensive Line. In the foreground is Tim, our Tightend, then it’s J.J. , then me at left guard, then Sam, our center, and then Raymond and Ralph wrap up our right side. The quarterback is Jesse, a small, fast, tough dude who is possibly one of the best quarterbacks I’ve ever seen despite his lack of size.

The Offense Takes The Field

Our offense walking up to the line of scrimmage. We look pretty badass if I do say so myself.

What I Had To Go Up Against

The guys in red were Glendale High School and they were sorta big. The worst thing about them was they would cut us interior linemen every play so I had to close the gap and cut them. This eventually took me out of the game because the repeated knee to the top of my helmet contact got me dizzy, not to mention beat up.

Total Chaos

What it usually looked like after the snap of the ball. You can see me down at the bottom taking out the knees of the offensive linemen. It wasn’t exactly the most fun I’ve ever had on defense, but it was still football.

Me So Tired

Here you can see me after I played in one game and am in the middle of playing a second after three days of being beat up and not getting enough sleep. To say the least I was extremely tired. The man in the gray Birmingham Football shirt is our Defensive Line Coach.

Back From Camp

Hi everybody! Well, I’m back from football camp and it was a lot of fun. Four days of fun in the sun. I’m currently recuperating and nursing the multiple bruises and scrapes that I have dotted across my body. Well four days of three-a-day practices was certainly refreshing and it felt good to be back in pads scrimmaging against other teams. So anyway, what’s going on? What have I missed? I’ll have plenty of blogging goodness later. For now, enjoy this cool photo of me that my dad made in photoshop.

A Cool Photoshoped Picture Of Me Passblocking

Preparing For Camp

Well, hello everyone. Don’t have much to say today, as I have been rather busy preparing for Occidental Football Camp. The BHS Varsity football team goes every year. It’s great! It’s four days of nothing but eating, sleeping, and playing football, in pads. :^) Since we can’t practice in our own gear and pads until August due to , I believe, CIF rules, we go to Oxy and use their pads to practice and play other teams in pads before August. There are teams from all over Southern and Inland California. We even have our Head Coach’s old high school is coming down from Bakersfield to come and join the rucus(Did I spell that right?). So I went out and bought a pair of linemans gloves to protect my hands when I play defense and give me some grip when I play guard onoffense. I also bought some new cleats. They’re pretty slick. I broke them in today and beside the pain they were causing my feet, they were pretty darn comfortable. Now you might be wondering whether or not I am crazy or like pain, I don’t, at least not necessarily, but sometimes you just got to deal with it, and when you break in cleats and they’re all stiff and tight, they can be quite painful; but it goes away. Anyway, after I get a haircut(2 on top, and a zero on the sides and back. High & Tight) tommorrow, I’ll be all ready for Oxy. Woohoo!

I haven’t gotten a response back from Mike Crook. I never expected to, but it would have been courteous to at least to have gotten a form e-mail or something. But I don’t really care. I hope that one day one of the troops who defend his right to slander them, comes and knocks him out after beating the crap out of him. It’s what he deserves. Maybe then he’ll change his mind. He’s at least up there with other scumbags like Fred Phelps(WARNING: Not For The Weak of Stomach Or Strong Of Conviction).

In better news, I have have just recently realized how vast my musical tastes are. My computer is the archive of something from just about every genre of music. Rock N’ Roll, Hip Hop, Rap, Modern Rock, Alternative, Heavy Metal, Folk, Country, R&B, Blues, Gospel, Soul, the list goes on and on. I guess this is a good thing, at least I rarely disagree with my friends when we are trying to find something to listen to on the radio station. Just thought that I would point this out. I hope you found it mildly interesting mildly interesting.

I also want to thank everyone who visits the site for their support. I also want to thank those who have commented and left assuring words of wisdom, thank you very much, it means a lot to me. I especially would like to thank MOM over at Me, Myself, & Us for her wisdom and insight. It has been really nice to get a reassuring pat on the back from a nice person on a regular basis. I think she deserves a big ol’ hug. That’s it for today. I have to get a good night’s rest to help fight this cold, because it is just a nightmare to play football when sick. Good Night and have pleasant dreams.

An American Tradition

It’s Over, Finally!

Well, today was the last day of school and I am now officially a senior in high school. Whoopee! Now all I have to do is navigate through summer school because of a D in Algebra 2. Great, the two weeks of summer vacation I get between summer ball and Fall Camp is now going to be taken up with summer school. But that’s the price I pay. The thing that’s really eating away at me is the fact that while myself and many of my classmates are failing or getting D’s(which aren’t much better) after busting our butts to pass, a few bozos are passing with A’s and B’s because they cheated and lied their way through the class, and the teacher didn’t even realize it was happening! If I can’t have a C then I at least want these guys to learn their lesson and get the grade they deserve; a big, fat F. But that’s neither here nor there, the good news is that I am out of school and able to relax. Also, Occidental Football Camp is next week, so expect the posting to be very light. I’ll come back with plenty of stories and bruises.

Anyway, I am very relieved that this semester is over. It’s been really fast-paced and has worn me out. Four days of eating, sleeping, and playing football should revive me though and I can be on my merry way. It’s weird, I stand on the verge of the rest of my life and I don’t feel any different. I always thought being a senior in high school would be more dramatic than this; I’m really disappointed. But, at least I have Academy admissions I can take care of. I have finally gotten all of my recommendation letter contributors sorted out and they have given me a level of enthusiasm I would never expect. Possibly the nicest comments I have gotten were from my Head Coach, Coach Croson (Sorry, I can’t bring myself to use his first name, it’s that ingrained into me). He said that I was an honorable guy and of good moral character and would make a great Midshipman. Go Navy, Beat Army! I like Coach Croson, he’s a real stand up kinda guy. A great coach, and a nice guy, he reminds me of my father in a lot of ways, which is sort of weird. He has his quirks though, which makes it easy for us football players to imitate him. But I hope he knows we do it because we like him so much. Great guy, that Coach Croson.

Well, I think that’s gonna do it for me today. I’m tired, been out with my friends celebrating the end of the school year.

One Last Time. . .

I know that everything having to do with Michael Crook and Forsake The Troops is old news and we probably shouldn’t give this douchebag a forum for his twisted logic, but after trolling through soem old archives, chief amongst them are Goldfalcon and CDR Salamander, I am enraged to the point where I must take action. So I have decided to email the asshat and try and reason with him one last time. Maybe this one will take. Who knows? I have provided the email below.

Dear Mr. Crooks,

I am a concerned citizen. Your site is a mockery of everything the servicemen and women of the United States and countless other nations are trying to accomplish in Iraq. It also borders on treason. While I will not question your right to say what you will and soon I will be sworn to to protect it with my life, I believe you are still slime and am exercising my rights and freedoms to say what I want about you. Now I know that right now you are saying to yoursefl “F*** This Right Wing Bastard!” or something similar, but I ask you, no I implore that you read this e-mail all the way through.

While your rights to freedom of speech and such are provided to you by the blessed Constitution of this great nation of ours, your rights are insured and protected by the soldiers and sailors and marines and airmen of the armed forces. Without them the Constitution would just be another sheet of paper. Without the blood and sacrifice of our forefathers I would not have to write this e-mail to you. You would have been jailed and/or executed for treason long before you enjoyed any celebrity status from your website.

To me this entire travesty is your desperate attempt to experience your own fifteen minutes of fame and a method of waging your vendetta against the United States Armed Forces because you couldn’t join up and stay in. Too bad, get over it and move on, there are other ways to serve your country. As for your allegation that servicemen and women are payed too much and are a waste of the taxpayers’ money; I totally and whole-heartedly disagree. I don’t believe they are paid enough, but that is beside the point. If you truly believe in this cause, why not run for public office or offer up a petition or something similar, instead of slandering those who protect you. I’m sure if you presented your argument logically you would be able to sway plenty of people to your cause, as for the “followers” you have now, I doubt many of them regard you as intelligent. Most denounce you and your views and you have even been humiliated on national television. What you have attained is not famed or celebrity it is infamy, the same thing Hitler and Stalin achieved.

I hope that if you choose to respond, (I doubt you will) you will do so intelligently instead of slandering me and resorting to calling me names. At least make a concerted effort as I do not think you have the capability to do so. If you could please provide any information and sources that you used to come up with this idea that the troops are paid too much.

Andrew M.

In related out-raging news, this whole, debacle over eminent domain. I seem to recall that there was a constitutional amendment that dealt with this sort of thing, but maybe that was all just propaganda. The government has no right to do this kind of thing. I have no qualms with doing it for the public good and public works, things like that, but to be able to bulldoze and seize a person’s home just so some developer can place a shopping mall or business center in its place, goes way too far. It’s a shame that we have come to this point. The smart guy that is SMASH throws in his two cents on this whole ordeal. If anyone wants to take my home and property to put in a shopping mall, you can expect that I will fight them tooth and nail. I’m not even going to get into the whole flag-burning ban thing, way too angry, it’s just so stupid and un-American. So, I’ll let The Commissar handle THIS ONE.(HAT TIP: CDR Salamander)

Before I sign off, something to cheer you up after having to sift through my anger-riddled post. A certain James Lileks gives us the skinny on everything about Gitmo. Very snarky and it really socks it to those sissy liberals. (HAT TIP:Neptunus Lex) Thanks for listening to me rant everybody. It felt good. I’ll have more, better blogging goodness tommorrow. Catch y’all on the flip side.

Red On Red

Good News from the front. It appears that the “insurgents” are fighting among themselves. The Syrian-Iraqi border has been the site of many battles between different factions of the Jihadis. It also appears that the attacks on non-combatants and Iraqi police is losing favor among some members of the insurgency.(HAT TIP:Black5) Hopefully this means that the insurgents will pack up and go home soon, and we can get on with the task of rebuilding Iraq to the nation it deserves to be. Also so from Blackfive, a Marine’s good-bye letter. It is very touching and poignant. It almost brought tears to my eyes. After reading it, I feel damn proud to be American, because we have men like Mattek, who willingly put their lives on the line and even sacrifice them to protect and ensure our freedom. Thank you, Lance Corporal Mattek. Semper Fi!

On a similar note, Captain Z has been injured in the line of duty. It doesn’t seem to be very serious and we all hope he will make a full recovery. Go visit him and wish him well. Also send your prayers to his family who will need strength in this trying time. I want to wish him Godspeed and a speedy and full recovery.

More good news. Al-Jazeera, the Arabian news channel, has apparently gone berzerk or something, because they are running stories about the Coalition Forces and all the good they are doing in Iraq. Heh. I thought I’d never see the day that Al-Jazeera would actually like Americans. Wow, I’m just floored.(HAT TOP:Uncle Jimbo)

Arthur Chrenkoff has a post with pictures of all of the different Coalition Forces. Very cool and I’m glad that so many people had the resolve to come help liberate Iraq.(HAT TIP:MDG) Also, everyone go congratuolate Froggy on his 8 pound 10 ounce baby boy. Congrats Froggy! That’s all for now. Come back next time for more blogging goodness. I’ll be here. Bye.

Eating Habits

Apparently, Goldfalcon is a finicky eater. I usually agree with him on most things but this time, he’s gone too far. He states that no one in their right mind should eat pulled pork barbeque with coleslaw in it, and discounts completely all beef barbeque. He also doesn’t seem to respect people of the opinion that sometimes, ketchup or “special sauce” is a requirement for burgers. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think Goldfalcon is a great guy and a great milblogger, but he’s a bit mislead. Go by his site and see just how mislead he is on this whole food ordeal.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a picky eater. I will eat just about anything put in front of me(excluding spiders and scorpions and a couple other bugs), and usually with great zeal. I’ve been reprimanded many a time for eating my food too fast, or too loudly, or even too messily, you see I use the shovel technique. Put as much as will fit in my mouth as quickly as possible, chew, swallow, and repeat. And did I mention I love to eat? No, really, I love to eat. Food is almost a drug to me. Put a big plate of popcorn shrimp, hush puppies, fried clams, and french fries, and I guarantee you I will finish it all and savor every bite. But my eating habits make it difficult, no, darn near impossible for me to hold a lengthy conversation while eating. You can talk to me before I start or after, but not in between. Many times I have been asked a question in mid-chew and had to make my interviewer stop his conversation to wait for me to finish chewing. Most times I’ll just nod my head or mumble “mmmhhhmm” or “uh-uh.” Very intellectual, I know, but I can’t be smart all the time, and while I commit acts of gluttony are not necessarily my smartest moments. You’re just gonna have to trust me on all this.