I Like Cars

I’m a car guy. There, I said it, and I feel so much better now that that skeleton is out of my closet. You see, there’s something intoxicating about driving a car for me. I love the feeling of hitting an apex just right and accelerating out of the corner, and the thrill of slamming the pedal all the way to the deck is one of those things that just has no substitute. I love the way you can feel a car dance on the edge of its grip, teetering, on the verge of letting go, and only your skill as the driver keeps it on the tarmac.

So yes, I love cars, and I love well set-up cars like BMWs, Audis, Subaru WRXs, Mitsubishi Evos, and so on and so forth. There’s just a joy that a car with a well-sorted chasis and a responsive throttle and transmission can provide. It’s why I love my Lexus IS250, and why I’ve loved every Bimmer that I’ve driven, and why I continue to lust after the BMW M3 and Ferrari 458.

So, after seeing one of BMWs newest commercials during my wanderings on teh intarwebz, it really resonated with me. Deep down inside I’m still a big, giant 8 year old who dreams about driving a fast car at the very limits of its design. I share said commercial with you below:

Obligatory Birthday Post

Because it’s my birthday, I’ve decided to share an excerpt from one of my favorite television shows. . . in the world! I’m a huge fan of the British television show Top Gear and Jeremy’s, James’, and Richard’s zany antics. The clip below is some of Jeremy Clarkson’s finest work and what I believe to be the standard for all cinematic automotive reviews. Enjoy.