2004 LA CIty Section Championship

Even though the anonymous commenter may be trying to make me flustered or drive y’all, my loyal readers, away I don’t believe you have to suffer for it. So I thought I’d post a couple of pictures up from the City Championship. I think you’ll all be impressed. I hope you like them. One short note though, these aren’t my pictures(I’ll put those up later), I believe they were first published in the LA Daily News, so they retain all copyrights to these pictures. Go Patriots!

#2 Kenny Davis catches a beautiful pass.

#2  catches a beautiful pass. He then ran it in for a touchdown.

Our defense brings Dorsey's running back to the ground. Notice how many hats we get on the ball.

Our defense brings Dorsey’s running back to the ground. Notice how many hats we get on the ball.

#6, our QB, Andrew Miramontes lets it all hang out after the game.

#6, our QB, lets it all hang out after the game. The blue clad arm outstretched in the air in the background is mine.

#6 and #2 share a poignant moment after the game. You can see the rest of us dancing around the trophy in the background.

#6 and #2 share a poignant moment after the game. They finally made it to the Coliseum and won the Championship. You can see the rest of us dancing around the trophy in the background.

Head Coach Ed Croson, we all just call him Coach, gets drenched with the ceremonial cooler of water in the closing moments of the game

Head Coach Ed Croson, we all just called him Coach, gets drenched with the ceremonial cooler full of water in the final moments of the game. I was in the back helping out as best I could.

Some of the fellas celebrate after the game.

Some of the fellas celebrate after the game.

#13 Brandon Morgan and #15 Brian Stuart kiss the trophy while we all look on.

#13 and #15 kiss the trophy while we all look on. I was patiently waiting my turn to put my lips on it.

Da Fellas and the trophy.

Da Fellas and Da Trophy. We were all celebrating our 36-13 win.

#26 Milton Knox escapes the grasp of Dorsey's defenders

#26 escapes the grasp of some of the defenders from Dorsey.

#26 again, this time he's diving into the endzone.

#26 again. This time he’s diving into the endzone for one of his many touchdowns.

Stu breaks free and heads toward the endzone. You can see the O-Line behind him.

Stu breaks free and heads toward the endzone. You can see the O-line behind him. Directly behind him is #76.

Another picture of the Natural Freshman Milton Knox outrunning the Dorsey defenders.

Another picture of the Natural Freshman outrunning the Dorsey defensive backs.

Quarterback Extraordinaire Andrew Miramontes trying to escape the Dosey players.

Quarterback extraordinaire trying to escape the Dorsey defenders.

A great picture of Milton Knox.

A great picture.

Stu avoiding a Dorsey linebacker.

#15 avoiding a Dorsey linebacker.

Andrew Miramontes breaking free.

#6 breaking free.

Football Update

I thought I’d give you all a little update of how the Birmingham Patriots 2005 Season is going so far. Right now it appears that I will be playing both ways as a nose guard on defense and guard or tackle on offense. I will probably also be starting, which is pretty cool. I am currently 5′ 11″ and weigh 220 pounds, an improvement to say the least. I can squat 331 pounds, bench 190, clean 190, and can run 200 meters in 26 seconds. I also am realyy ripped, it’s cool. It’s taken a lot of hard work to get here and it will take even more to get where I want to be. But I can do it. It looks like we’ll have a decent shot at going back to the LA City Championship again this year and we’re all working hard for it.


But I’m amazed at how fast time has flown by. I remember when I was just a small Freshman coming in to high school. Small, timid, and I didn’t really know anybody. I also remember that first day of football in the summer before my Sophomore year. I quickly fell in love with the game. It became my passion and I started working hard to be the best I could be. I remember my first game on the Varsity team. When I think about it I still get cold chills down my spine and butterflies in my stomach. I am simply amazed at how incredibly fast the time has flown by. I never thought I’d be where I am this quickly, and it is a little overwhelming.


I look forward to the first game this season. It’s gonna be a big one. I can already hear the fans in the stands. I can smell the burgers on the grill over at the snack bar, and the sweat from my pads and helmet. I can already feel the weight of the gear on my shoulders and how it fits perfectly to my body. I can already feel the gloves on my hands and see the blue and gold jersey on my torso; a big number 75 on it. I can hear the groans and cussing of my teammates, eager to go out and whoop some ass. I can also feel the butterflies. Go Patriots!

Promoting Tonight! Woohoo!

Yay I’m finall promoting tonight. It’s taken long enough. At this rate I won’t make 2nd Lt. until August or September since our pre-season camp is in August. But anyway, it’s all good, I’m back to being the highest ranking NCO in the squadron.


I also partook in the ritual shaving that all people in uniform havve to do in order to stay in regs(luckily, I’m not that hairy so I don’t have to shave as often, knock on wood).shaved last night. I know that might not seem like a really amazing thing, but it was quite possibly the best shave I’ve ever had. I highly suggest the Gilette Mach 3 Turbo to anyone looking for a nice clean shave.(Do I get payed for my endorsement?) I also suggest using shaving gel because it reduces razor burn better than shaving cream. That’s it for now, see y’all later.


As I sit here writing this post, I am nursing a hurt shoulder and shin-splits that I should probably go ice. I have bruises on my body and am exhausted from training and working out today. I’ve been contemplating why I do this to myself. Why I stand and take all the pressure and pain and torture that many others would consider barbaric. And it begs the question, why the hell do I put up with all of this when I could spend my days sitting on the couch watching TV?


And the answer would be because I love the game too much. I love the hits, I love the comradarie between teammates, I love that feeling of pride when I tell people I’m on the team, I love winning, and I love those Friday game nights when you walk out onto the field and know that everyone in the stands has come to watch you play, that you’re the main attraction. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it. I love suiting-up and wearing my jersey with the big 75 on it. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without football, and I won’t ever forget any of the memories or any of my teammates. I love that feeling of accomplishment after a hard day of practice, which leave me exhausted but strangely content. I have not experienced anything greater in this life other than being a member of a championship football team.

I’m getting promoted

I passed my review board and am now in line to make C/Senior Master Sergeant. Hooray for me. I also have completed my ES quals so I’m gonna be getting my ES certification pretty soon. It seems that I didn’t take all the tests but that’s been rectified. SO I’ll post tommorrow. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve made some changes. The blog’s coming together pretty nicely now isn’t it?

On Leaders And Leadership

Happy belated Easter everyone. Happy Passover to all my Jewish readers. I’ve been doing some thinking lately, and thought about my experiences in CAP and the commonality of them with other stories from the military. Considering we’re a paramilitary organization it’s probably not that surprising, but anyway, that’s another story. I’ve thought about what it takes to be a good leader and why there are people who are gods among men and those who do nothing but breed contempt. I thought about it a lot and came up with a few things.


I have been fortunate to learn leadership from some of the finest people in the world. I have been brought into the fold of my compatriots and given a crash course and have strived to be the best leader I can. But there are others who I have run into who aren’t as effective. As a senior NCO, I run across many officers and am sometimes left appalled by the way they treat their subordinates.


Many times have I had run-ins with officers who could not be bothered by their NCOs, who neither respected them, nor trusted them, and it showed. I have seen officers who don’t even have the time of day to return salutes. It makes me sick. The NCOs(non-commisioned officers) are the ones who get everything done. We’re the guys(and girls) you go to in the clutch to get something taken care of(something I’ve done a lot of). Officers must rely on their NCOs and the NCOs must in turn rely on officers for orders and directions. It revolves around the unit and making it effective.


But what’s the point of this rant, is it just to bitcha and moan until I’m blue in the face? Not really. I have strived to make myself the best leader I can. I take care of those below me and take the younger junior NCOs under my wing to help teach them how to lead. I hope that when I become an officer I can be as effective as possible and help mentor others to be the best they can be. And yes, I WILL return every salute given to me.



Passed My ES Test

I passed my General Emergency Services Test today, so I am now ES qualified. Woohoo! I also fixed a couple of the links since they were wrong. Not much else is happening. I’m probably going to post a News Round-Up soon, so keep your eyes open. I would also like to encourage y’all to visit any of the other blogs listed.



I Got My Ring

I got my big championship ring today. YAY! It’s big and gold and has a big blue stone on top that has a big gold “B” in the middle. I’ll put pictures up as soon as I get home. It looks really good.


Right now I’m at school in the middle of Physics class. I still have football practice and my workout to take care of so I’ll be posting at approximately 2000 hours. Have fun ’til then. Go BHS Patriots!

My second post

I’m at school right now. Learning how to make Flash movies. It’s an easy A. I’m really sore and very tired from working out yesterday, but that’s how it goes when you play football, you’re tired and sore. Oh, well. It’s raining today in LA so I hope it’ll stop soon so I don’t have to drive up to Camp San Luis Obispo in the friggin’ rain. WHile I’m on that topic, I’m going up to Camp San Luis Obispo this weekend for Cadet Programs Conference, I’ll see if I can post while I’m up there, if not, there’ll be plenty of posting goodness when I return on Monday. That’s about it for now. Get Crunk!

My First Post

Welcome to my new blog. This is a place where I can post my thoughts and opinions free for the world to view. I do not intend to offend anyone, but if I do, you always have the freedom to leave.